UFC 142 co main-event in gevaar


De weging voor UFC 142 in Rio zijn net achter de rug. Iedereen was op gewicht, behalve Anthony Johnson. De amerikaan, die van weltherweight naar middelweight in gegaan, was te zwaar. Dit is hem al 2 keer eerder overkomen. Mocht hij morgen zwaarder zijn als 205 lbs, dan gaat de match niet door.

Dana White:

“As a fighter, you are a professional,” said White. “You are contracted to come in at a certain weight. This is not the first time this has happened with Johnson. He moved up to 185 pound so this wouldn’t happen, and here we are in the same position again.”

“Vitor was bummed out and he feels the same way I do,” said White. “Vitor Belfort has to cut this weight too and he’s older than ‘Rumble’ Johnson is. He came in, like a professional, on weight, and Anthony Johnson comes in totally unprofessional and way overweight