Super Fight League: Bob Sapp vs. James Thompson


Bob Sapp’s volgende gevecht zal die zijn tegen James Thompson. Dit gevecht zal in India zijn op 11 maart onder de Super Fight League vlag. Van de officiele site:

Raj Kundra and Sanjay Dutt through their company Super Fight Promotions Pvt. Ltd. have launched India’s first professionally organized Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting league, Super Fight League ‘SFL’. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and is a multibillion dollar industry in the west. Martial arts was invented in India and this deadly duo plan to find and launch the best fighters in the world. They launch with SFL1 that takes place in Mumbai where six of India’s best fighters in all weights will take on six International MMA fighters followed by a Main Event – Super Heavy Weight Fight between James Thompson and Bob Sapp. Its sportainment at its best with a huge line up of performers, DJ’s and a fight night that you will never forget!

Hebben we geen zin in dit gevecht? Bob Sapp, 1-7 in zijn laatste 8 gevechten, tegen James Thompson, 4-12 (verloor o.a. van Kimbo Slice en Alistair Overeem) met 1 no contest, in de main event. Een pluspunt is wel dat Phil Baroni als commentator zal fungeren.

Hier in ieder geval alvast een promo: