The Reem documentaire heeft je nodig!

The Reem 2

The Reem 2

Gevonden in de mailbox.

Dear all,

We would like you to help us and get the word out to as many fightfans
as possible that we need their help creating the new Reem episode.
Could you be so kind to post this on your site, facebook or other
media so we can attract as much fans out there ? We would really
appreciate it a lot !


The Reem documentary needs you!!

Unfortunately we don’t have access at the UFC 141 show to follow
Alistair like you’re used from us backstage. We’ve come up with a
pretty cool alternative but we need the fans help to make it work !

We want to give you the opportunity to star in the “Brock Vs Reem”
episode of this season of The Reem ! We want you to film yourself and
your friends and family as you watch Alistair fight Brock Lesnar. It
would be awesome to capture what goes on behind TV screens all around
the world and show that in an epic finale of this season ! Win or
lose, Brock or Alistair fan, it does not matter. It’s the emotion that
counts and with this fight, we have a feeling that this just might get
batshit crazy.

So grab your camera’s iphones, blackberry’s or tablets and help us out
and make this 10th episode and epic one ! Email your clips to you can use a site like,, yousendit etc. to send your clips. Don’t forget to
mention your name, city and country so we can show that onscreen. It
would be great to have your experience before, during and after the
fight. The ones that make the final cut and appear in the episode will
receive a free walkout shirt !

To give you a small example of what were looking for:

Thanks a million !

Team Reem