Q&A met Fedor Emelianenko


Misschien heb je deze Q&A al rond zien slingeren op internet, maar ik vind het toch de moeite waard om hem te posten. Fedor Emelianenko is misschien wel de bekendste MMA vechter van de wereld, maar er is weinig bekend over deze topsporter. Onderstaand interview, dat hij had met de website championat.ru, is dus interessant om te lezen.

Here are Fedor’s thoughts:

On Cain Velasquez:
“Velasquez is a very good, interesting fighter who is very versatile. I followed his career and knew that he would bring in big trouble for Brock Lesnar. If Velasquez will continue to progress if he works hard and improves his skills. He is capable of a very long stay as the UFC champion in the heavyweight category.

On how many years of fighting he has left:
“As long I still feel strong, I will compete. I do not know yet, but I think the Lord will help me with the correct choice. The fact is that I will continue to come to the gym whether its for fun or for work, no doubt. In any case, I will pass on knowledge to younger generations. I would like to be helpful and teach Freestyle, Greco-Roman wrestling, Sambo and Judo.”

On the last time he got into a fight outside of the ring or cage:
“Outside the ring I had to use a little force in the army. And so, in the school fight. On the streets now, do not fight, thank God.”

On whether or not he lifts weights:
“I practically do not spend much time lifting weights. I instead use things like the horizontal bar, the parallel bars and push-ups and sit-ups with a light bar. In the offseason, I can shake a little bar, but every time I am convinced that this is a bit too much for me. How many athletes are there that use so many techniques? I can not claim at all which one is best. Some lift weights, others prefer to exercise with rubber bands, and still others with the ropes.”

On what kind of movies he likes to watch:
“I love movies without aggression and without violence. Even if the movies and there are such scenes, that they were with the meaning, but stupid is not easy special effects and a bloody mess. I believe that every movie must have meaning to people coming to film show, and could reflect something in himself to change for the better. The film should affect the chord of the soul. For example, I liked our domestic films: “Pop.” Also, “The Island” and a foreign film I was impressed with was ‘Hachiko’.”

On whether or not if he has a son if he will push him to fight:
“If the Lord, and I will have a son, I would like to see it first became a good man, faithful, loving their homeland. A walk in my footsteps is not necessary.”

On what libations he likes to drink:
“Alcohol is almost never drink, so I can not answer this question. Sorry.”

On his favorite past time:
“Sport has always been the main occupation of my life.”

On whether or not he ever gets upset:
“I am by nature, probably the most calm person. In appearance, perhaps emotions are imperceptible, but I do have them inside of me.”

On whether or not he has set a goal of a certain belt he wants to win within a specified period of time before retiring:
“As God wills. I will compete as long as I feel the strength. Not a specific belt no, but rather one task, which is to win.”

On where he served in the Army:
“I served in the Army for two years. One year I served at the firehouse. Then our unit was disbanded, and the second year I spent already in the tank division near Nizhny Novgorod.”

On his relationship with Russian boxer Alexsander Povetkin:
“Sanya Povetkin – a friend of mine, so I’ll be biased to some degree. We often call up to him, meet, all want to train together, but does not work. I believe that Alexander is one of the best athletes of Russia. During this talk of his titles and regalia. As for the fight with Klitschko, I can say for myself that no contract is not easily given. For each contract, usually hide a multitude of lies, scandals, and other unpleasant situations. If we talk about the chances, they always have. It is clear that Klitschko is now a favorite, he is the champion of the world, but Sanya, I’m sure willing to try to beat both of the brothers.”

On whether or not he follows a nutritionist-prescribed diet:
“I have somewhat of an eating plan I follow, but not a diet. If not cutting weight, I eat almost everything. I try, of course, to eat less fried, fatty foods and do not eat cakes, sweets and so on.”

On whether or not he likes to travel the world:
“Honestly, I do not like to travel. Always in a hurry to return home to Stary Oskol.”

On the qualities he likes in people:
“Everyone should strive to do good. Of the qualities can provide humanity, forgiveness and readiness at any moment to help, the ability to be compassionate, to support at any time. That is how we want them to treat us, so we should treat people.”

On whether or not he has relationships with any of his past opponents or fellow fighters:
“We only have relationships in competition. During or after the press conference we talk, but nothing more. I don’t talk to them or correspond via email.”

On whether or not he has ever disliked an opponent:
“In relation to my opponents I do not feel anger and aggression, unless it is a pure fighting spirit, which disappears immediately after the fight. As far as I can remember negative feelings toward an opponent have never before experienced.”

On whether or not it pisses him off that his name is mispronounced more often than not:
“I understand that my name is almost unpronounceable to foreigners. For example, in the Japanese language has no letter “L”, they say the “R”, so it gets a little blurry. American last names are also quite difficult to pronounce — even harder to pronounce their name because they do not use the same letters.”

On EA Sports MMA game in comparison to UFC Undisputed:
“Video games I am not fond of. I am honored to be one of the heroes of the game. Unfortunately, I can not talk much about the game since I played it only once and I have never played the UFC game.”

On which style of fighting is the best for MMA:
“Each style has certain advantages. I treat every martial art with respect. Each form has such rich history, it is very interesting.”

On whether or not he would fight the Klitschko brothers:
“I hope that they will compete with me more than once, but it would depend on if they would agree to fight me under the rules of MMA. I think that out in the Cage the brothers are unlikely to agree.”

On whether or not he thinks CroCop has lost a step since PRIDE:
“I can not speak for the fighter. Mirko is a good fighter who is very experienced. Maybe his career has been on a slight decline.”

On why he has spent more time standing in his recent fights than on the mat:
“In a fight, where the action goes depends on the situation. One can not say that I began spending more time fighting standing up. I look at the situation. If there is an opportunity to work on my feet, I take it. If an opportunity arises for me to take the fight to the ground, I wrestle.”

On whether or not he thinks a fight with “Bigfoot” Silva is beneath him:
I’m ready to beat any opponent, including Silva. Selection of my opponents is up to the promoters, so it’s best to ask them about why the fight didn’t happen.”

On what the experience of making the video game was like:
“A few weeks ago we were at the release, which took place in the U.S.. Game developers specially came to me in Stary Oskol, filmed training videos with my camp, photographed me in various positions which could happen in a fight. As for my virtual battle with Randy Couture, I almost did not train. They showed me the basic button and let me practice for 5 minutes. I quickly got used to the controls and managed to win. But I think I just got lucky.”

On whether or not he takes any supplements to maintain his chiseled physique:
“No, I don’t take anything like that. I take conventional restorative vitamins, and nothing else.”

On fellow countryman Pavel Datsik:
“Honestly, I have not followed the development of these events, so I can not answer you on this.”

On whether he wil re-sign with Strikeforce or finally go to the UFC:
“Everything will depend on the outcome of my next fight. I was happy with everything in Strikeforce, so if they will offer to renew the contract, most likely I will.”

On whether or not he wants a rematch with Werdum:
“Of course, I would like a rematch with Werdum.My manager is trying to reach an agreement to make the fight happen. I’m under contract with Strikeforce and I have one more fight with them on the deal. I would be happy if this fight I will have against Werdum.”

On who his next opponent will be:
Under the contract, I still have one fight, but it does not need to happen this year. I have no information who will be my next opponent under contract with Strikeforce. Maybe I will fight in Japan in the meantime, but it’s also still a big question mark.”

On whether or not he follows his coaches’ gameplans:
“Throughout the battle it is impossible to adhere to the same tactics. Should always be 2 or 3 to fall back on. Mostly I stick to the coaches’ gameplans, worked out for each specific opponent. But I always have a few spare strategies.”

On why he doesn’t throw head kicks:
“All depends on the situation when there is an opportunity to strike, beat. But by and large, been kicked in the head – not my strong point.”

On whether or not all of the Fedor accounts on messageboards and social network sites are legit:
“No, I do not use social networks. I sometimes go on the Internet. But I have my own official website that I communicate with fans through.”

On whether he prefers MMA or Sambo:
“Both are interesting in equal measure. Now, I fully dedicate myself to the MMA. Therefore, today more urgent occupation think mixed martial arts. But along with this, Sambo is always in my heart.”

On whether or not he thinks that universal MMA champions are a plausibility in the future:
“Of course, the proposition of a single champion would be an interesting spectacle, but I am afraid, many organizations, including the UFC will never go on this course. MMA is much easier than in professional boxing. Here, there are organizations that have a contract soldiers, who determine the champion of this or that version. Therefore, to negotiate with rival much easier, and if there is a hitch, I immediately found a replacement. With this no problems.”