Pat Barry in Kroatië


Cro Cop traint op dit moment in Kroatië voor zijn kickboks match tegen Ray Sefo en heeft daar de hulp voor bij geroepen van zijn goede vriend Pat Barry. Hoewel het dus om een kickboksen gaat hadden Barry en Cro Cop toch nog tijd om te stoeien in een grappling match van dertig minuten. Hoewel de match zelf niet gefilmd is, kan Barry wel alles navertellen:


“Day two in Croatia. Did some weightlifting this morning then go back into the gym later this evening ready to kick some ass and [Cro Cop] challenges me to a jiu-jitsu match. Why the fuck are we doing a jiu-jitsu match? I have no idea. He has a kickboxing match coming up, but whatever, I’m Pat, I’m in the fucking UFC bitch, I’m in a video game, I’ll do it. So, set the terms, hit start, 30 minute round. I got submitted five times. Three Kimuras on my left arm, one triangle and some shit I can’t even name. But, because I lost, for the rest of my time here in Croatia the next two weeks, I have to refer to him as your majesty, Lord Cro Cop, and raise my hand and ask to have some water or use the bathroom, which is some shit because I already look like the fucking Hunchback of Notre Dame.”