Nick Diaz update


Die zagen we niet aankomen. Nick Diaz heeft een update gegeven over zijn toekomst. Cesar Gracie, de manager van Diaz, kondigde aan een enorme aankondiging te doen over zijn pupil. Hoewel het niet zo groots zou zijn als hij had beloofd is het toch interessant. Zo zal hij zijn schorsing aanvechten en daagt hij Anderson Silva uit.

Future of Nick Diaz
JULY 27, 2012

It’s been a trying time these last 4 months as I have been faced with the prospect that one of our team’s most talented fighters had decided to leave the sport. As a fan I’ve always admired what both of the Diaz’s brought to the cage; a combination of technical brilliance and raw violence.

Nate Diaz has finally put his game together and found the formula to propel him to the top of the 155lbs division. To see Nick leave at the top of his game was difficult.

For the last couple of months I’ve watched Nick begin to frequent the gym more and more. He’s training harder now than he has for many of his fights. It was obvious that training and fighting is in his DNA. It is who he is. This week we had a great talk and he made it clear to me that he is ready to get back to the cage. Nick Diaz will return.

To address the NSAC suspension, I will say that we have appealed to the courts and if things go our way, it will be plausible that Nick could return as early as sometime at the end of this year. For too long NSAC bureaucrats have acted with malicious incompetence towards the fighters. We will challenge them in court.

As far as future opponents, Nick has stated that he would like to take fights “that matter”. Since GSP will be fighting Condit, he has to look elsewhere. He will respectfully ask for a fight with Anderson Silva, a fighter he respects and would like to challenge.

Silva’s camp has been speaking of a fight with GSP, possibly even at a catch weight. Nick will take that fight in a minute but has told me that should Silva decide not to drop at all, he will move up to 185lbs to face the Champ.

I will be meeting with Dana next Monday August 6th to discuss this and other issues. If you appreciate Nick’s fighting style, please let Dana know that you want Nick back ASAP.

Thank you and best regards,
Cesar Gracie


  1. Nick Diaz is kwaadaardig. En zo heb ik mijn MMA-vechters het liefst. Kokend van woede en vol oprechte haat. Die oprechtheid verdient Anderson Silva wel na dat vermakelijke vuilnispraat van Chael Sonnen. Ik wil Diaz ook wel eens een gewichtsklasse hoger zien. Hij ziet er altijd zo uitgehongerd uit.

  2. Volgens mij zou Diaz de meest interessante match up zijn voor Anderson Silva, beide heren zijn All around sterk en houden van een goed potje boksen zonder dekking, dat moet wel vuurwerk worden.