Nick Diaz klaagt de NSAC aan


Nick Diaz klaagt de NSAC aan vanwege zijn schorsing en het ontbreken van een eerlijk proces om zichzelf te verdedigen. Na zijn verloren gevecht met Carlos Condit in februari werd Diaz geschorst vanwege marijuana gebruik. Aangezien hij zich wil verdedigen en er nog geen proces gepland is begint het team van Diaz met een eigen proces.

Diaz was na zijn gevecht met Carlos Condit in de main event van UFC 143 geschorst door de NSAC vanwege marijuana gebruik. De reden dat Diaz medische marijuana krijgt is door zijn ADHD. En aangezien dit legaal is in woonplaats Californië en Nevada zou hij dit als reden kunnen gebruiken om zijn schorsing aan te vechten. Het probleem is dat hij zich nog niet heeft mogen verdedigen. En aangezien er ook nog geen proces is gepland komt het juridische team van Diaz nu met een eigen proces:

Diaz’s suit centers on three allegations, two of which relate to statutory complaints for which he seeks injunctive relief — namely, to have the temporary suspension lifted and to not be required to go any further punitive proceedings. The other allegation focuses on Diaz’s due process rights, the NSAC’s violation of which entitles Diaz to both injunctive and declaratory relief, according to the lawsuit.

Diaz is arguing the NSAC is in violation of two statutory codes. First, statutory code NRS 233B, requires the commission to determine the outcome through proceedings related to the order of a summary suspension within 45 days of the date of the suspension.

Diaz and his lawyers argue this term has passed without any date set for a hearing. “Diaz’s license has, in effect, been suspended indefinitely,” says the lawsuit, “in the absence of any adverse findings having been made against him by the NSAC.”

Diaz’s complaint also cites breach of statute NRS 467.117, which requires that a “temporary suspension may be made only where the action is necessary to protect the public welfare”. In other words, Diaz’s temporary suspension is unlawful because no basis has been established that demonstrates suspending Diaz was done as a matter of preserving public health.

Citing the alleged violation of these two statutes by the NSAC, Diaz’s complaint asks the court to enjoin NSAC from proceeding with any further punitive proceedings because “the NSAC has lost statutory jurisdiction to proceed with the complaint.”

De samenvatting: Diaz had niet geschorst mogen worden, en aangezien de NSAC binnen 45 dagen nadat de schorsing is uitgesproken hem een proces had moeten geven worden zij nu zelf aangeklaagd.

Als reactie hierop gaf de NSAC aan dat het team van Diaz de schorsing verkeerd heeft begrepen:

According to the state of Nevada’s office of the attorney general, the legal move is misguided. That is because Diaz’s legal team, headed by Ross C. Goodman, cited a “summary suspension” of Diaz’s license. According to Nevada’s state codes, a summary suspension can be ordered if an agency finds that “public health, safety or welfare imperatively require emergency action.”

But in a written response from Nevada attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto to Goodman and forwarded to MMA Fighting, the state of Nevada asserts that Diaz’s legal team misunderstood the suspension.

“No Notice of Summary Suspension was ever served on your client,” Masto wrote. “In this matter, Mr. Diaz was properly served with a ‘Notice of Hearing on Temporary Suspension’ and he failed to appear at the hearing. The Commission temporarily suspended Mr. Diaz’s license at the hearing. Neither Mr. Diaz nor you objected in any manner to the temporary suspension.”

The letter effectively indicates that because Diaz was not given a “summary suspension,” his case does not fall under Nevada code NRS 233B.127, which requires a hearing within 45 days. A separate code, NRS 467.117, indicates that the commission can ” continue the suspension until it makes a final determination of any disciplinary action to be taken against the licensee or holder of the permit.”

The letter also indicates that the NSAC delay in scheduling Diaz’s hearing was partially his fault, caused while waiting for him to produce his medical marijuana card.

“I’ve waited for more than a month for the card,” Masto wrote.

Diaz maakte daarnaast bekend helemaal niet aan pensioen te denken en zou een rematch met Carlos Condit gelijk met beide handen aanpakken:

“On February 7th, 2012, the UFC’s President publicly announced that Mr. Condit agreed to an immediate rematch against me. It is my understanding that the winner of that rematch will be offered a contest against Georges St-Pierre, the current UFC welterweight champion. The summary suspension against me, made without any consideration of the merits of the Complaint, is the only reason I am aware of that a rematch against Mr Condit has not been scheduled. If the summary suspension is set aside, I would be prepared to compete against Mr. Condit or against any other opponent deemed suitable immediately.”