Nick Diaz: GSP is a little bitch


Als het aan Nick Diaz ligt, zou hij op 29 oktober nog steeds tegenover Georges St-Pierre staan in de main event van UFC 137. De oud Strikeforce kampioen vindt dat de Canadees er wat aan moest doen om het gevecht tussen de twee te redden. Dat deed hij dus niet, en nu staat Nick Diaz dus tegenover BJ Penn, en Carlos Condit tegenover GSP voor de weltergewicht titel van de UFC. Dit is wat Nick Diaz zei tegenover

“It makes me mad that Georges is going to sit there and call himself a fighter, but he’s not going to stand up and say something about this. He’s going to let it ride. I think I would say something. I would at least have said, ‘I disagree. I don’t agree with canceling my fight because of some dumbass [expletive].’ Instead, he sat there and said, ‘He doesn’t have the commitment to be a champion.’ What is that? I obviously have the commitment to throw my life away. I’ve thrown my life away and sacrificed everything so that I can fight. I did that. I threw my life away so I could work hard and train and fight. That’s commitment. I wasn’t going to say anything in the buildup to fighting Georges. I was going to be really respectful. Georges is a great fighter. But he’s a little bitch when it comes to fighting me right now. Why is he just going along with everything? To say I don’t have the commitment? I don’t understand. He’s the one that doesn’t have the commitment.”