James Toney versus Ken Shamrock gecanceld


Het gevecht tussen oudjes Ken Shamrock (47) en bokslegende James Toney (43) is gecanceld. De reden hiervoor is dat Toney gaat boksen Moskou tegen Denis Ledbedev op 4 november. Het “gevecht” stond ook gepland voor november, maar verschuift hierdoor naar 2012. Of zoals Toney het zegt:

“November 5, I’m going to invade Russia and show this punk what happens when he messes with the USA. I’m calling it ‘Lights Out in Russia’ because he’s just the first one I’m going to whip. After I beat up this Ledbedev, I’m going back to Heavyweight after the one too afraid to fight the Klitchko sisters. Povetkin, I’m kicking his ass too! If they think the Roy Jones fight was big over there, wait till I get there and tell them all what I think about European fighters bringing great American fighters over there once they’re showing signs of age and acting like beating them means anything. The Roy Jones that this Ledbedev beat was finished. I’m ready and I’m as good as I’ve ever been. Watch what I do to him. And now I hear Povetkin wants to beat up Evander Holyfield, he’s been done since I knocked his ass out in 2003. If Povetkin isn’t scared he can jump in the ring after I put his teammate away on November 5th. I’m going to beat his ass right at his weight class, so he can’t make any excuses.”