Bryan Caraway beschuldigd van dopingverkoop, elleboog naar Cat Zingano


Bryan Caraway

Bryan Caraway lijkt op dit moment de grootste slechterik in MMA. Nadat hij 65.000 dollar ontving doordat Pat Healy positief testte op cannabis na UFC 159, liet hij tegenover weten de bonus zonder enige spijt te ontvangen omdat hij erg anti-drugs en cannabis is. Hierdoor kreeg hij een hoop kritiek, zoals van Nate Diaz, maar daarnaast werden er ook nog twee serieuze beschuldigingen gedaan.

De eerste kwam van Bellator-vechter Michelle Ould. Zij beschuldigt “Kid Lightning” van dopingverkoop aan haar kamergenoot. Hierna reageerde CJ Kingy, een Australische vechter, door te bevestigen dat zijn vriend ook weleens benaderd is door Caraway.

Caraway reageerde hierop door te zeggen dat het complete onzin is. Eerst via een onderhand verwijderde Tweet en daarna via

“It’s complete BS. I don’t like any drugs.”

Tegenover de website gaf hij ook toe spijt te hebben van zijn sterke opvattingen over drugs en dat hij niet in publiekelijk in discussie zal gaan met Diaz.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it’s America. But his word choice was poor, same as myself.”

“I was too harsh in my interview about marijuana.”

Cat Zingano
Nadat deze beschuldigingen gedaan werden sprak Cat Zingano met Bloody Elbow over wat er backstage gebeurde bij de TUF 17 final weigh-ins. Hierbij zou Caraway Zingano expres een elleboog hebben gegeven.

“I genuinely like everyone until I have a reason to dislike them. I saw [Caraway] all week, I smiled and was respectful. I get Miesha and not being bff’s fight week, I’m not fighting her to make friends. But as far a corners go, good fights are the product of well coached athletes, with heart & talent.

Brian smiled back in my face then elbowed me in the head at weigh-ins. I was pissed. I considered him in that same respect. I am a fighter all the same, but that was dirty and cheap to do to anyone, let alone a girl.

They were both in on it, which makes it even more disturbing. If my husband or son ever pulled something like that, I would be their biggest problem. I won’t be bullied nor condone it.”

De website sprak ook met Josh Ford, de voedingsdeskundige van Zingano, over het incident:

“I think it was a real bullshit move on his part. We’re backstage and all the fighters are there. We’re kinda tight on space because we were basically in the back where some magician does his shows.

Theres like two rows of chairs lined up and then a table where everyone is filling out their medicals. Cat and I are sitting in the front row and a couple guys from Gabriel Gonzaga’s camp are on the other side of us. We’re talking and I’m looking straight at Cat when I see this body coming down the row behind her. I didn’t notice it was Caraway but there’s plenty of room to walk by. As he gets closer to our chairs he flares his elbow out and pops Cat right in the back of the head. The first thing on my mind was, ‘that guy just elbowed her in the head!’ As I’m turning around to see who it was Cat says the same thing. I turn my head to look and it’s Caraway! And then one of the other fighters, might have been Uriah Hall, sitting there says, ‘hey! I think that guy just elbowed you in the head!’

So it was kind of a big deal. Cat, being who she is, gets up and starts pacing back and forth. At first, my protective coaching instincts kick in and I wanna go over and say something to him but we’re backstage, it’s the UFC. I wasn’t gonna go try to make a big scene. I just thought it was crazy he would take a shot at her.

I don’t know what the deal was. [Caraway and Tate] were both being real weird in the back. They’re basically inseparable.”

Na de weigh-ins sms’te Zingano haar man, Mauricio Zingano, over het incident. Leister Bowling, de worstelcoach, moest Mauricio toen tegengehouden om niet de confrontatie met Caraway op te zoeken, aldus Ford. Bowling zei hier het volgende over:

“Josh was the only one who saw it happen. Mauricio is still pretty fired up about it. Cat was pretty heated from her texts so I walked back to see what was going on. You could definitely tell there was some tension. That just added fuel to the fire for Cat.

When I walked back there you could see that [Tate and Caraway] were watching Kat like, ‘Oh, look how mad she is.’ I took their reaction as kinda like, ‘look how nervous she is’ or ‘look how hard she’s trying to act.’ But Cat was genuinely pissed off.

I didn’t let Mauricio go back there. That’s his wife, you know. I told him I’d go back and check it out. I didn’t even give him the option. He was pissed. He took it as if some guy had just elbowed his wife in the head, like any man would. Whether it was an accident or not, I don’t know. I wasn’t there. A few people said he walked out of his way to bump her.

They were respectful after the fight. Leading up there’s a lot of emotions. It was the second Women’s fight in UFC history and everyone took it personally. I mean, these two guys have their wife or girlfriend fighting each other. They were both pretty worked up about it, but I shook [Caraway’s] hand afterwards and there were no hard feelings on our end. We won.”

Bloody Elbow heeft gevraagd naar een reactie, maar kreeg van zowel Caraway en Tate geen reactie terug.


  1. Probleem is dat het niet bewezen kan worden, waarschijnlijk. En dus kan Dana hem niet direct straffen. Pas als hij of zij verliest zal Dana ze waarschijnlijk keihard verwijderen van de organisatie.