Bigfoot bespreekt verlies tegen Cormier


Bijna een week geleden zagen we hoe Daniel Cormier via een verpletterende KO Antonio Silva versloeg in het Strikeforce heavyweight toernooi. “Bigfoot” legt uit hoe dat kon gebeuren.

“I had a game plan, but I could never imagine he’d punch me like that. I wasn’t underestimating him, but after he punched me I couldn’t see a thing, I wasn’t controlling my body anymore. I was doing things automatically, I could only see shadows. When I stood up I was dizzy. I was really dizzy after that jab, but I went for it. If I’m losing, at least I’ll lose while fighting. It happened, he deserve the credits. I was well prepared, but he punched me. We didn’t even really fought.”

“I knew he’d like to trade punches with me for a while, and I was well trained on the ground. I did an excellent job with coach Everaldo, De La Riva, Ze Mario (Sperry), Nogueira… I’ve trained a lot, so I wasn’t worried. I knew we’d bang for a while and then he’d try to take me down, but he punched me hard first. When a heavyweight punches you is really hard… I felt, felt his coup and I thought I’d be ok on the ground, but when I stood up I was dizzy. It happens. The bests in the world have lost and then turned it over. It’s another obstacle I’ll have to overcome.”